Activities that we perform in our office:

Accountancy of companies

We take care of the accountancy of companies, with everything it entails: preparation of monthly, quarterly or semester reports; preparation of official books, Annual elaboration of Financial Statement (Balance, Memories, Statement of Changes in Equity). Our dedication is absolute, reason why the review of the accounts becomes, at least, quarterly, contacting, if the client wishes, with the accounting departments of his clients and/or suppliers, to solve possible differences.


We analyze, study, prepare and file all type of taxes:

  • Corporate Tax,
  • Income Tax (IRPF),
  • Value Added Tax  (VAT/IVA);
  • Inheritance Tax, Gift Tax,
  • Property Transfer Tax.

We advise how to optimize and reduce payments of taxes, always within legality.

Constitution of companies

We follow the company from its birth or constitution to its extinction or dissolution, through changes of address or administrators, mergers or split-up.

Other activities and services

  • We prepare cash flow forecasts.
  • We offer our rooms for meetings of our clients with third persons.
  •  We can domicile companies in our office.
  • We appear before the inspection of the Tax Aministration / Internal Revenue Service, prepare, appealing and resources, contradictory expert appraisals, resources of replacement, economic-administrative claims, administrative litigation.
  • We have won cases in the Regional and Central Economic-Administrative Court, in the High Court of Justice, the National Court of Spain/ Federal Court and the Supreme Court.

We collaborate with specialized offices in labor subjects

  • Payrolls, insurances, contracts, dismissals, representation of companies and/or workers before Magistracy, in civil, mercantile, real estate subjects, registry of patents and marks, customs officers, etc.

Advice in different languages.

  • We speak English, Spanish, Catalan, French and Italian

We have clients of different sectors and sizes. Since local businesses, up to subsidiaries of international companies


This post is also available in: Spanish, Catalan

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